Monday, January 14, 2013

Finally, my chair!

Um, hello?!  Do you see this amazing chair?  I've been wanting this chair for three years now and have been collecting Pier 1 gift cards since I spotted it.  I've been hoarding them here and spending some there.  So last Sunday my parents and little brother randomly came up for the day and my dad said "go with your mother, you're getting the chair."  So long story short and after a mini anxiety attack in Pier1 from excitement and thinking I lost a gift card (I'm crazy, I didn't lose any) I got my chair.  It was a scary ride home with the chair hanging out of the trunk.  I can tell you the chair was going nowhere but at the time I was freaking out a little.  Happy that this perfect accent chair now sits proudly in our living room and I added the perfect pottery barn pillow and love the mix of patterns.  

I love my blue and greens!

Claudio Wing Chair - Blue Jacobean 

The coloring in my photo is a little off so I grabbed a photo of it from the Pier1 website.

Another lovely item I just picked up are these amazing wine glasses.  I honestly have 4 wine glasses and one the stem is glued together with super glue.  I mean, honestly, I think it was time for some wine glasses.  I'm happy to say I now own these and they really are beautiful!

Color Dots Wine Glass Set

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