Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Studio Calico - Happy Little Moments Class

So there is a new class up at Studio Calico and I'm in love.  However, I'm debating with myself because the class its self is $15, nice low cost but then there is the option of the class kit, Marcy's or Maggie's for $39!  How can I choose when I want both?!?!  Is anyone else interested in this class and have any idea how to make the decision or if you're taking the plunge and going for both?  I LOVE Marcy's work but I seem to love how bright and fun Maggie's kit looks. 

I've never taken a class at Studio Calico so this will be my first but I'm definitely in!  Anyone else taken a class through Studio Calico and loved it?  Hated it?  I'm assuming it's worth it...

I love the fun bright, springy colors of Maggie's Kit.

Blues and greens are some of my favorites and I'm loving this color combination from Marcy.

Hopefully I'll come to a decision today on what I want to do...

Until next time...

Christine <3


  1. That would be a tough decision both kits look amazing, I think I would pick Maggie's :)

  2. ::sigh:: Thank you for your feedback :) I'm leaning towards Maggie's too but I am so indecisive and always want it all. What is wrogn with me <<<<< HA!


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