Friday, June 14, 2013

Project Life Week 18

This is my first year doing project life and in the beginning compared to now is such a difference.  I haven't even shared my photos from the first couple months because I'm not proud of them.  My husband told me I can't change them though and I guess I agree.  It's all about seeing how you develop throughout the process too isn't it!? 

Here's week 18...I've been doing a one side spread for each week since we both work the basic grind 8-5 job and come home to eachother and our little Riggly but not too much is going on during the week.

Used a printable from Studio Calico on the left and added some enamel dots and the week number with letter stickers.  I also added the dates from the start and end of the week. 


So there it is.  I used bunch of bits and pieces from my never ending stash.  Thanks so much for stopping by and following along <3



  1. It's kind of fun looking back and seeing my old pages, my style has evolved and changed so much but those first layouts are a part of getting to where I am now :)

  2. Terrific spring photos. I've done the same things with lots of tree and flower pics. Love how you journaled in your own handwritig


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