Thursday, February 14, 2013


So I'm not the biggest Valentine girl, are you?  I like it, it's cute but I'm not going to go too crazy about it.  I did find this cute free download for a card from Studio Pebbles that I made for my hubby. 

Nothing crazy, just a simple card.  I placed vellum behind the print for a soft touch on top of the cardstock.

We call eachother clown, don't ask, it's a cute thing.  But this was nice, I added my own inside.  I stitched lines on a piece of vellum, and printed my words on cardstock then cut them up for a more "creative" look.  I added washi to help hold down the vellum (along with glue dots) and to give a pop of color.

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  1. Christine, I'm not much of a Valentine's girl either. Whoever reads this, please don't hate me: I've always thought of it as a Hallmark holiday. Of course, I made my husband a card and wrote him a letter that tells him how much and why I love him. I just don't really get into the whole stereotypical Valentine's Day scene. Now, when we have kids that may change, because then you have an excuse to do all those crazy, cutesy things! Love your card!

  2. Your comment made me laugh "please don't hate me." I totally agree with you though, someday when kids are in the picture it will be more "fun" to do all those fun little projects and what not. As for now, I'm a simple kind of newlywed :)


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